Event Equity Partners, LLC is a team of seasoned trade show management professionals with over twenty years combined experience of producing world-class events that deliver measurable returns for exhibitors. Events currently in development cover countless industries, everything from technology and telecom to industry and manufacturing.

As a company, we believe strongly in offering customers more than what they’ve paid for. We structure our shows in a way that makes them convenient, cost-effective, and beneficial — both from a marketing standpoint and a financial standpoint.

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  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics

The Event Equity Difference:

With new and unproven trade shows popping up daily, it’s important to know why choosing to invest in Event Equity Partners, LLC is a sound choice.


For exhibitors, our events are highly focused on business-to-business marketing and sales, and we work tirelessly to generate pre-qualified attendance so you can spend less time qualifying leads and more time selling.


Our trade shows are inexpensively priced, smartly scheduled and held in industry hubs. For a modest investment its easy to see massive returns on your investment.


With robust attendance every year you are sure to make more valuable contacts, make more deals, and save more money that you possible could in months of sales calls. We bring the buyers to you.


Our trade shows are open exclusively to industry professionals. By excluding people who can’t do business with exhibitors from the exhibit hall, we can ensure exhibitors’ time is spent networking with real buyers.